Our Commitments

We are committed to following God on the margins and in the gaps, expecting to discover God at work among powerless people and in places of weakness.

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We acknowledge our dependence on God and affirm our continual need of prayer and God’s empowering Spirit.

We believe that all people are loved by God, regardless of age, gender, education, class, ethnicity, sexuality or physical/mental health and that God works through all believers – and others besides.

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We believe that, in Jesus, God is revealed locally, and that we should be committed to our local community or relational network and active members of it.

We believe that the gospel works through relationships and that serving God consists largely in building life-giving relationships with others.

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We recognise the importance of taking risks and the demands of mission in the inner city, and we believe that it is acceptable to fail.

We value courage, creativity and diversity as we try to discover relevant ways of being church in different contexts.

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Praying our values

‘Praying our Values’ is a 28-day cycle of prayers, readings and exercises based around the core values and commitments of Urban Expression. It can be used in various ways:

• For personal prayer or prayer in small groups
• Regularly or occasionally
• During one calendar month or for any 28-day period

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Biblical References

Karen Stallard has produced a version of the core convictions with biblical references. These are not 'proof texts' to justify our convictions but resources for further reflection on the implications of these convictions.

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