Urban to the Core


The world is urban at its core – over half the world’s population live in cities and most of the global poverty resides there too. Urbanization affects all of us, whether we love in cities or not, and this impact will increase in the coming decades. For fifteen years Urban Expression has been motivating people to get up and move into inter-city neighborhoods to see what they can learn and what difference they can make. This book gets into the heads and hearts of our teams and unpacks the values that have inspired these missionaries to be urban to the core.



Why would anyone choose to move into one of the poorest neighbourhoods in the country? Why would parents take their children to live in an inner city estate? What leads church ministers to give up the security of a salary and a house to have the freedom to go and live in the shadow of a high rise tower block? Urban To The Core gets to the heart of the motives which have inspired more than one hundred people to relocate to inner-city communities in Britain with Urban Expression. With personal and Biblical reflection earthed in twenty-five years of urban activism, Juliet Kilpin unpacks the foundational core values which have persuaded this small mission agency to prioritise the urban poor. With honesty and vulnerability team members, past and present, provide street level stories which reveal how these values have been lived out in practise. This book pulls no punches and urges the reader to recognise the consequences that arise now that the globe is urban to the core, with most of the world’s population living in cities. The stories, reflections and urban prayers offered in this book will provoke, inspire and challenge followers of Jesus who are concerned about the future shape of mission and will encourage and equip those already engaged with our majority urban world.

Juliet Kilpin is a part-time coordinator of Urban Expression, an urban mission agency pioneering relevant models of church in Britain’s inner-cities. She co-led the first Urban Expression team which planted a congregation in London’s East End in 1997. There are now teams in several cities across Britain and overseas. Juliet also co-hosts the Crucible Course which equips people to follow Jesus on the margins and is a freelance consultant, currently working with The Mennonite Trust. She is married to Jim and they have two teenage children. Juliet is a baptist minister and has held various roles in congregations in Essex, London and Birmingham.