Planting Churches


A practical guide for all those involved in planting churches. Explores the why, where, who, when, how, and what of church planting.



Who can be involved in church planting? Where should we plant new churches? What kinds of churches? How do we go about this? What resources do we need? What are the pitfalls? And is church planting still relevant in an era of fresh expressions and emerging churches? Stuart Murray draws on thirty years experience as a practitioner, trainer and consultant to address these and many other questions. Planting Churches explains why church planting is crucial if we are to incarnate the gospel in a changing culture and guides practitioners through the whole process of planting a new church.

Stuart Murray, who has worked as an advisor on church planting for many years, discusses local and trans-local approaches to planting churches, training planters and building teams, the key role of research and preparation, diverse models of planting, the need for developing contextual, authentic and missional church plants, and the connections with the emerging church phenomena.