News from Cobridge

News from Cobridge

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Howard & Iona Jones write: Over the past year a large amount of our energy has been given to setting up The Angel at Austin’s, a community hub for Cobridge run by a small CIC.

You can read the whole story on, but we’ve been open since September 2018 and hosted training events, language and other classes, community meals and all sorts of other gatherings. It’s breaking even at present but we would love to see it much busier. One of our regulars at the Angel is a local lady who we’ve also been supporting. In tune with the current political atmosphere, the immigration services are trying to send her ‘home’ despite the fact that this has been her home for years. Please pray that her appeal is successful.

Our Toddler group, Cobridge Kiddies, continues to thrive. It’s a wonderful way to build great relationships with families in the area. We’re well trusted and recommended by the health visitors. We’ve also re-started our Humpty Dumpty Club, a song and story time for little ones at The Angel. Rich and Cat’s youngest, Miriam, is now 1 and we had a wonderful dedication service for her in a local Anglican church. Many of our local friends came and were really touched by the service. Iona, Howard and Cat also continue to work in the community garden. The local kids shout and run to meet us when we turn up, and we’ve been planting beans, potatoes, garlic, herbs and all sorts of lovely veggies. We did another beautiful ‘pop-up nativity’ there at Christmas which was moving and fun and well received by all.

Howard has now done 16 performances of Mark’s Gospel to audiences in Stoke and as far afield as Southend and Taunton. It’s physically very tiring, but incredibly rewarding too to be able to share the gospel in this very direct way. Our team will be changing again in June as Carmel gets married to Andy and moves to make a new home on Manchester. We’ll miss her very much, but we all see that this is so obviously God’s blessing and calling upon her life. We’d value your prayers for us as we all transition into new stages of our journey with Jesus.