Derby Development

Derby Development

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We are an established team on an outer housing estate in Derby, and part of an Anglican pioneer project that has led to the birth of Derwent Oak, a new form of church.

We are growing in partnership with local churches in the area, and considering the possibilities of forming a ‘fellowship’ to enable that to grow, and for us to take on some developments in common. This means a lot of early and tentative planning and lots of dreaming about possibilities.

In the midst of this, we are continuing to develop Derwent Oak, beginning a new ‘branch’ with the Sunday Experiment which does what it says on the tin. We have started to experiment with a gathering once a month on a Sunday, at a new home and overseen by another one of our leaders, inviting some of those on the fringe of Derwent Oak to come to something they can shape too.

We are wondering about offering a more focused access to money advice during the universal credit potential crisis, and we are in the early stages of helping a local loss group develop. We are also working with our community partners to start some regular local interest community groups at a local community centre.

At this point in our development we are seeking some new leaders to support and encourage the growth of the work here, especially in discipleship and reaching into new areas on the estate through multiplying our current gatherings and partnerships. We have a house to offer as a base for this next phase, and are looking for people who would love to come and live in this part of Derby and notice where God is with us.

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