Black Light Course

Black Light Course

The Black Light course invites Black Christians to dig deeper into their history and think about contemporary challenges and opportunities, and for White Christians to learn more about the history, spirituality and faith of Black Christians and churches. Black and White presenters and participants shared in a rich learning experience. offers an opportunity to explore and reflect on this scenario.

The course was first run in London in the 1990s; over 20 years on, some of the issues have changed, others remain the same. There has been further growth in the Black majority churches; there are more mono-ethnic churches; many of these churches are losing their young people and are still unsure how to reach out to others; and the Black Lives Matter movement has renewed consciousness of the continuing struggle against racism.

The Black Light course has been revised and updated and will be offered between April and June 2021 as an online course – eight evening sessions spread over nine weeks (with a break in the middle).

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