We are gathering together an ever-increasing collection of resources related to Urban Mission.

These include articles, our daily liturgy and a selection of useful links...

Books on Urban Mission

The following books, published over the past century, explore many aspects of urban mission. We will try to keep this list updated, so do notify us of any that should be added.

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Daily Liturgy

There are three parts to our liturgy, known as Praying Our Values: the daily readings, reflective exercises and prayers.

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Over time we've built up a collection of links to other sites that may be of interest. We have not tried to be comprehensive but to point towards sites that offer useful resources, distinctive insights or similar ways of working. We welcome suggestions of other sites.

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Books by UE authors

A number of people involved (currently or previously) connected with Urban Expression have written books or contributed chapters to books on church planting, urban mission or other related subjects. Here is an annotated list of such books/authors, which we will try to keep updated:

Colin Marchant: Signs in the City (Hodder & Stoughton, 1985)
An introduction to the urban context – its struggles and signs of hope.

Colin Marchant: Shalom, my Friends (Marshall Pickering, 1988)
Study of the potent biblical word 'shalom' and its implications for building community.

Stuart Murray: City Vision (Darton, Longman & Todd, 1989)
A biblical perspective on the meaning of the city and urban mission. The text of this book (long out of print) can be downloaded below.

Kathryn Copsey: Become Like a Child (SU, 1994)
By the project leader of CURBS, which provides resources for those working with children in urban contexts.

Stuart Murray: Church Planting: Laying Foundations (Paternoster, 1998)
The theological, historical, biblical and missiological foundations for the practice of church planting.

Stuart Murray & Anne Wilkinson-Hayes: Hope from the Margins (Grove, 2000)
One of the first investigations of new ways of being church and the issues these raise.

Juliet Kilpin: 'Church Planting' in Michael Eastman & Steve Latham (Eds.) Urban Church: A Practitioner's Resource Book (SPCK, 2004)
Church planting in the urban context.

Stuart Murray: 'New Models of Church' in Michael Eastman & Steve Latham (Eds.) Urban Church: A Practitioner's Resource Book (SPCK, 2004)
A brief exploration of emerging forms of church and their relevance to the urban context.

Illtyd Barrie Thomas: Compassion and Community (Piquant, 2005)
The story of the work of the Living Well Trust on an estate in Carlisle.

George Lings & Stuart Murray: Church Planting: Past, Present and Future (Grove, 2003)
A summary of church planting in Britain during the 1990s with suggestions for lessons to be learned.

Stuart Murray: Post-Christendom: Church and Mission in a Strange New World (Paternoster, 2004)
An examination of the implications of the end of Christendom for mission in a changing culture.

Peter Neilson, Church on the Move, New Church, New Generation, New Scotland (Covenanters Press, 2005)
An account of the Emerging Church in Scotland over the last 5-6 years.

Kathryn Copsey: From the Ground Up (Barnabas, 2005)
An introduction to understanding the spiritual world of the child

Stuart Murray: Church after Christendom (CTBI, 2006)
The second title in the 'After Christendom' series, exploring mission, community and worship in a changing culture.

Stuart Murray: Changing Mission (CTBI, 2006)
An introduction to the emerging church scene and its implications for mission in contemporary culture.

Juliet Kilpin & Stuart Murray: Church Planting in the Inner City: the Urban Expression Story (Grove, 2007)
An account of the first ten years of Urban Expression and lessons learned about church planting in the inner city.

Eleanor Williams: Fresh Expressions in the Urban Context (YTC Press, 2007)
An exploration of the significance of 'fresh expressions of church' for urban communities.

Stuart Murray: Planting Churches: A Framework for Practitioners (Paternoster, 2008)
A straightforward guide to the practicalities of planting churches in various contexts.

Sally Nash, Jo Pimlott & Paul Nash: Skills for Collaborative Ministry (SPCK, 2008)
In the 'Library of Ministry' series, a skills handbook on many aspects of group leadership and team ministry.

Stuart Murray: The Naked Anabaptist (Paternoster, 2011)
A straightforward introduction to the contemporary significance of the Anabaptist tradition.

Sally Nash: Sacralized Youth Work (Grove Books, 2011)
Engaging with young people who are interested in faith.

Stuart & Sian Murray Williams: Multi-Voiced Church (Paternoster, 2012)
A practical handbook on building churches for participants rather than consumers.

Juliet Kilpin: Urban to the Core (Troubadour, 2013)
Reflections on the UE values from past and present team members.